Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rising to the Girls Austin Weekend

Austin Redux

We decided to go for a girls weekend in Austin.  Left Tallahassee, Florida at 5:30 am or 3:00 pm depending on which flight out you arranged.

Lisa got there early and rented a car to drive to Fredricksburg, home of lovely flowers and a very busy website  She did get there before all the bluebonnets had bloomed and the poppies were amazing. 

We went on a tour called  While we were waiting to leave the gentleman above passed our boat/car and I liked his braid.  The gentleman below is the Duck Tour Guide with a preloaded script and bad jokes, which he fortunately ad lib's whilst he drives us through Austin rich areas.

This is simply skyline view as we walked.  The angle building which is supposed to be an owl is behind and the stair step building in front is unknown but very brown....

The Ducks Tour took us through the lake which is really just a dammed up part of the Colorado River where rich people build houses.  The tour guide said the Michael Dell and Matthew McConaughey live here and they have helicopter pads on the lake.  Don't know the truth, but letting you know he said it.

A quick stop at Stubbs for lunch and tunes.  They were preparing for Food and Wine weekend.

Then, lots of walking, shopping, new cowboy hats and back home to sunny Florida.  Always a great three day get away with your best girl friends!