Wednesday, May 21, 2014

of traveling and those who don't

Summer makes most people think of travel and vacations.  the beach.  the mountains.  the spa. the golf course.  Of course summer should be of such thoughts.

The idea of traveling for vacation should be appealing.  If you are in the trade show business, or more correctly, the business that requires you to attend a trade show or ten during the summer months, it may not be as fun.

I have to say 10 days straight of work travel is not a kick in the "oh, I have it made now!" department.  I am not saying that the places I stay are not fine.  They are fine.  It's just there is an empty hotel room at the end of the day and long phone conversations don't make you feel close.

They make you feel like you are having long phone conversations.

I remember when we worried about the long conversations because we paid by the minute.  At least that part is over!  Thank you Google plus!

My trip had a nice beginning, flying my mother and daughter to see my brother for two days in Santa Rosa.  Then, I put them on the plane #Deltaairlines (sort of ) and hopped my flight to L.A. #Delta to work.  There, it was all on, with three elected officials and four staff, plus a plethora of experts to listen to and learn from.

I can tell you that eight hours of economics and stocks and bonds, ratings and unemployment numbers, yield curve predictions, emerging market performance, job creation stats and you will be exhausted too!

We did have some time on Saturday which was nice.  I got to visit my old friend (she's not old) from eighth grade.  We went to see her grand daughter and take her to Griffith Park for a ride on the carousel ponies.  A few hours of respite.

The ones with black tails go faster!

Then off to hop a plane and cross the nation to visit another state for work.  Arrive late, lost bags, up early and off to meetings again.  Lots of work drama and then another drive to another airport.

I love to travel, but this kind of travel is not nearly as fun as traveling with your family or friends.

So next time you think, "hey they always get to travel", think of me and my little missive.  Travel for work IS WORK.  Travel for your pleasure with your family or loved one is fun.  And then there is that feeling of your own bed at last....