Thursday, December 11, 2014

of the #FSU Valencia Tour and the Torres de Serranos

The last days of Patrick's classes were spent going out with his friends and saying good bye to his Valencia apartment mates.  He said it was emotional for some, and I am sure that it is.  Meeting new friends and then saying goodbye... the way life's memories are built.

We woke bright and early, 9:00 a.m. and slowly headed to the laundromat as the washer here is broken.  The landlord graciously left us 20 euros to do the wash.  It only cost us 5, but then we had to add in the cafe and pastry!  Watching the machine go around was not Charles' thing, so he stepped outside to watch traffic and large trucks maneuvering street designed for donkey carts.  He was asked to help stop traffic which he gladly did.  Charles loves to pitch in and help.  Once the round and round halted, we loaded it up in plastic bags and headed to the apartment to dry our clothes Valencia style.  Carefully leaning out, Charles clipped our clothes to the wires on the outside of our third floor window.  His will dry funny as the cuffs are side up.  He hasn't done this in a while!  I proudly observed our colors hanging out as the neighbors' all were displayed as well.  It is our own little flag in the dirt stake in Valencia.

Then, off to meet Patrick at FSU Valencia!  The sign at the door is very small and not noticeable.  The inside proudly displayed one NOLES logo, but I think for the most part it is quite distinct from the Tallahassee campus displays.  It is much more subdued and less in your face.

The building is completely redone, but as it sits ten yards from the Torres de Serranos,  It has old walls (It is considered one of Valencia's most iconic buildings and is one of the best conserved monuments in the city. The Torres de Serranos were built in the 14th century, 1392, by Pere Balaguer. It was the main entrance of the city and it was originally build with a defensive function. From 1586 until 1887 the towers were used as a prison for nobles. thank you wikipedia) and round rock pools where many eons ago, hides were tanned and cloth was bleached.

drainage system for the Torres

I took the photo of my men on the stairs

Manly men shot arrows through the slots.

Charles and the King of Bats

 It is an interesting dynamic to an otherwise very American style student center.  We met the Director of the #FSU program who was very pleasant and gave us some tips on the program.  We toured the facility, then off to the Torres (tower) and a walk through the area to see the sights and have a menu de dia (quite a big lunch).

Patrick walked us to the center of his local Plaza, the Plaza of the Virgin,  The Basilica and the Cathedral were both beautiful.  I only took photos of the outside as I find it discomforting to photograph the inside.  There are many photos on line I am sure.

We then walked back to his apartment, picked up his things and headed back to our abode.  With promises of a bus ride to the beach, I relented and let them take a siesta.  Two hours later, I walked to the store alone, afraid darkness would impede even that effort.  The men were still asleep when I returned.  Charles woke up in time to take me to get a glass of wine and a loaf of bread for dinner and then we returned.

I cooked the local crops, using the eggplant, parsley, onion, garlic, and tomatoes of the market.  We had prawns ( not plums) from the pescado mercado, and then the mushrooms sauteed with garlic and the Italian vegetable mix.  It was fabuloso!  Loved it all.  Charles and i slipped out for a last glass of vino tinto on the carrer at gond wana.   It is our little local bistro!  Wish we had such markets and neighborhood spaces back in North Florida.  Can't wait to get to France tomorrow. First, Avignon, then Lyon.  Fare well my friends and write to you from France!