Sunday, December 14, 2014

Adieu Jolie Avignon

This is one of my favorite photos because of the light and the view across the river.  We were waiting on a small ferry that make limited free runs.  We caught the last one for the night.  As Charles walks us through the piloting of the boat and the motor and how the captain must swing wide, he notes that the captain is very good.  He must be quite skilled.  When the boat was tied off by the old deck hand, the young blonde female captain, opened the door to wait for the loading of people.  How refreshing!

He looks French already!

Back at our little apartment, we readied for the trip the next morning.  Another train ride and then four nights in Lyon.

The Train to Lyon

The trip itself was uneventful.  We researched the night before the station and the length of time to arrive at the next apartment.  We had booked with #airbnb all the way through and so far no problems with the reservations.  We also managed to easily find the train and platform, though I must admit it took me twice to comprehend Twelve fifty two in French.  I actually have the numbers down, its just that it is not always easy to hear them as fast as necessary - if that makes sense.

The train turned out to be a double decker and we rode up top.  The view is better but the luggage must be toted up there with you in a small winding staircase.  Sorry guys, I am taking all the small bags.  Meet you up top!

All seated, we took off and the short hour ride was pleasant.  Ears popping as we ascend to the new altitudes.  Charles is dozing and reading.  His favorite way to travel.  Patrick buries his head in a book from Theodore Frank.  I try to concentrate on a magazine, but I find my eyes wandering to the view and then up and down the aisles.  The people are just as interesting. The guy next to Pat is hip hop clothed.  The woman across from Charles sporting a British flag bag.  The young mother walking her chattering young daughter to the water closet (WC).

We arrive and depart the train in the reverse order and walk into the Gare station.  Taxi easy to identify and he drives us right to our destination in ten minutes.  We are early, so we stand on the corner eyeing the neighborhood and waiting for our hostess.  She is just a few minutes late and lets us in quickly.  She is adorable and has relatively understandable English.  You can tell she has done this before.  We gather all our information and then she informs us that all stores and restaurants are closed because it is Sunday.  There is one Exception:


So we eat something here that I wouldn't eat at home.  But it tasted good and we split two beers three ways and settled in for the evening.  By 8;30 pm, we are all but asleep.  Good night Lyon, see you in the morning!