Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rising to the Occasion of the World Equestrian Games Interview

The morning begins with us traipsing past the Abbay aux Homme with full knowledge of where we are headed.  Or so we thought.  As usual with adult children and parents, there is the struggle to yield when appropriate.  So we are off to the bus stop that we cannot find, and continue to walk to the World Equestrian Games interview that starts at ten a.m.  We are up and out the door at eight a.m. mercifully with plenty of arrival time.  When we cannot find the stop, we walk.  uP Hills and DOwn hills.  We continue to a divide in the yellow wood so to speak.  Daughter says go right, Mother says go straight.  At the top of the hill now 2.9 miles from start, we are staring at an emergency room.  I can't say for sure that Morgan wanted to put me there, but I can tell you there were ample I told you so's for the error!

Just as we were bickering, the interviewer calls and says, " I see you are not here and shall we conduct the interview via tele?"  Heck no, I say and get directions.  And a short jaunt later ( and much complaining about pastries not had), we are there.  The lovely young British man greets us and takes me in for the interview.  Proper interview, I might add.  Lots of questions on horse knowledge, but interestingly enough, about work or as he says, profession.  After several questions about spreadsheets, excel and word, I get the impression that he is looking for something.  Finally, he confesses: yes he will put me where I want to be, but position not guaranteed.  But in exchange, I must agree to be the English speaking welcomer for judges and jockeys on any day requested.  i  committed for six days in August.  My boss approved last year, and I have told all my colleagues, so I should be good to go.  "Your English skills are needed for the judges as the second most common language will be English and the others may not have such a command."  There are many nuns and lay persons I need to thank for those English skills!

The gentleman who was also an interviewer/screener for the 2012 Olympics, showed us the way to the bus.  He also recruited Morgan for a position.  She is interested in para Olympics and Vaulting.  We soon will purchase the billets (tickets) for the games and be on our way.

Many hours later and two restaurants later, Morgan has sort of forgiven me for the wrong direction and for not getting her food in a timely manner.
 We are off to tour the Chateau and the fort and he musee of modern art which turns out to be 1545 year, modern to whom?

Then I must tell you, we spent an exciting night in the laundry machine magazine... washing clothes which we hung to dry in our tiny little flat of 90 sq feet.  Morgan made us a salad and cheese and potatoes and it may not sound like a three star but it sure tasted like it. Did I mention her chien?  

 au revoir!