Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rising to the Occasion of the Best Scam Ever

The day was filled with cold and excitement and the awareness of being in a new place so far from home.  Morgan and I headed out early (can I tell you how good it is to see my baby) for the Eiffel Tower and all that follows.  I am a huge proponent of cities by foot.

So after the lovely tour of the ships parked by the river, the quays and quais, we went up and saw the merry go round and the Eiffel Tower.  We proceeded down the line for the  Chaveliers Musee at the park end.   Walking out of the Eiffel Tower Park and just before the road, a man scoops up something from the dirt and runs in front of us.   He picks up a ring and presents it on his very fat fingers.  He cannot wear the ring he mimes, so it can be yours....  once he hands off the ring to you, he follows you.  And says , "May Madam, Madam, "j'ai seulement besoin assez d'argent pour manger."  enough money to eat...  and then I turn to Morgan and say give back the ring.  She does but he puts in on and says it will not fit.  And then he says again money to eat.  She gives him the two euros in her pocket.  then he chases us and asks for the money in my pocket.  I am on and so is Morgan and we say he can have the ring back and he turns away.

.We walk and "s'il vous plaĆ®t  madam again."  and then Morgan realizes that there is a scam and says to me keep walking.  Morgan realized and did not want to discuss the scam. She was all business until we were safely away from the man who could be any country or person.

I am proud of my daughter and proud of the man for trying. and if anyone needs a nice ring please email Morgan....