Monday, April 22, 2013

of Something Else

My daughter recently cut her long tresses, blonde curly long tresses, to a Mohawk or an equivalent thereof.  She gave the long locks to wigs for kids.  But the change was shocking, tempting, inviting, regrettable  joyful, and changing.

Change continues to be hard for many and impossible for most.  Change is not tolerated well, even when it is positive.  My daughter's hair will grow, or she will cut it, but the change is hers to manage.  If she had chemo and the hair fell out, it would be a much harder change.  And definitely more difficult to manage.

Change is something that I personally excel in embracing.  New, technical, exciting, improving, shiny, fun are all words that I generally associate with change.  Nervous, scared, out of control, unplanned, harem scarem are all words that my son would use to describe the same experience.  He doesn't like surprises, even the good ones.  He likes predictable, measurable, planned.

So it is amazing to me that I am amazed when change at work is perceived as negative.  It doesn't matter whether the change is successful. And every time that I or someone else introduces something new, the response is the same: negative. Bad. Why?.

When I went to graduate school, I had lots of courses on change, but when it really matters, most people don't want to change or to manage change.  They don't accept it, they don't want it and they damn sure don't appreciate it. Like the movie Groundhog Day they want the same day over and over. Get up, go to work, go home, repeat.

So when the morale falls in the toilet for the change agents, the marketers, the accountants (yep, they change according to the rules) and the HR folks, who is the problem? why not them. not us. not anyone, except her. or him. or the government. or the stupid apple people or the wierd google plus people.

First impulse is to look for new jobs, second is to complain to your friends and look for a new job, third is to get mad and look for a new job.  Lastly, I think the true change embracers do what they do naturally, they embrace the search for a change, a solution.  So I am going to try to resist the temptation to complain and whine about the foot draggers.  I am going to lead by example and tell them over and over, like the lessons of kindergarten, that change can bring good things. Some change is good.  New things and approaches and products and classes help people stay interested and help companies compete.

But I will say this for the foot draggers, you at least gave me a topic to write about and that is a good change for me.

Doctor's point of view