Friday, May 25, 2012

Rising as in the Waters of the Pacific

Had a marvelous cross country trek.  In less than three weeks I traveled to  Baltimore, Maryland, Tallahassee, Florida and Laguna Beach California, Tampa and then Tallahassee!

Let me tell you the time does take it's toll.  When I flew into Tampa and had to work the day after the red eye, I was one tired pup.  But enough of that, let's look at the trip!
View from the hotel terrace of the Montage Resort Hotel where we spent two nights.

The rocks cause the surf to swirl making a beautiful vista right out of the front balcony and perfectly aligned with the hotel.

Dana takes a photo of the view whilst I take a photo of her!

the views are marvelous as the hills rise out of the clouds to present a  contrast to the white sugar sands of the  gulf coast beaches that we are used to seeing in Florida.  And the plants were unbelievable.  California is blessed with desert and coastal plants all in the same location.
So, off we go on our first morning, up and out by six a.m. because that is nine a.m. our time.  Rocky coastline, such a variety of textures and moving waters as tide goes in  out and around where we are.  Rushing waves let the slip of cold waters come further to our toes as we walk.  The coolness surprises me, as it is really cool, not just new water cold.

The rocks on the beach hurt bare feet and cause one to walk on tiptoes even though it doesn't help!

So the light of day brings the view of the pool and the pacific.  What a fabulous place.  They hold a lot of weddings here and probably many more gala events.

This is Jenn.  She is our consultant and the host of our training at this wonderful hotel.

Dana and Jenn pose at the lobby of the hotel.

Then off to a dinner at a famous home built in an European style on tip of a cliff side.  Incredible views and construct.

Dinner was amazing and the people were fun and interesting.  Most business dinners are not very comfortable, but this one was wonderful!

This is the view of the pool at this incredibly built home.  The  shadows to the right are the hot tub.  Amazing design and use of the slate, the water, the light and warmth.  Then....

After the meetings, I headed out and drove to the airport. Took the redeye to Tampa so that I could visit with my Mother, sister in law, and daughter.  The fun day at Tarpon Springs eating smelt and lamb and tasting the life of the greek culture.  We all bought hats and sandals and wished we could belly dance and thought of the Greeks across the seas....

After the fabuloso lunch and shopping trip, we went to the house in Crystal Beach to nap.  And Three hours later we were off for a night out!

This is Morgan in her new dress examining the restaurant which was unique and very tasty.  We had tapas and ordered four different dishes to taste and one very tasty cocktail, the skinny ginny.  That is a cocktail with basil and cucombers and gin and lime and tonic and agave.  It is really sweet and makes you smile when you drink it.

Last shot is the dog, jumping in the pool at Uncle Bill's kid pool.  A perfect pool ending for the best trip ending in awhile