Monday, December 12, 2011

Rising to the Ocassion of Knowing When to Quit

Well, I am back from a long weekend trip to see my lovely niece get married.  Just six short months ago, she was graduating from high school.  (She is growing up fast and making decisions faster.  My mother in law said that her generation had the same challenges of deciding to get married or not during WWII.  But the marriage topic will have to be another blog.)  Another long trip up north.  Both times, I accompanied my parent(s) and my daughter tagged along.  Both times, I wondered how many more Indiana trips there would be.  Not a clear cut answer.

The weather turned  just in time for us to arrive.  At night it dipped to a bitingly cold 11 degrees.  We were fortunate enough not to spend too much time in the windy city canyons of Indianapolis ( beautiful city I might add).  The capital is inspiring and the memorial statute was fabulous.  It looked like a pretty bustling downtown, which is nice to see.  It was clean and very much the northern city structure, with tall houses close together.  I will tell you that Starbucks coffee tastes even better when it is freezing outside!

The trip to Lafayette was pretty with lots of flat plowed fields.  If there is anyone on Mars watching for a sign, I would definitely look to the sights of a plowed Indiana corn field .  Even with ice and drifts of light snow, you can see the hours of work spent making perfect rows that will hold nothing but some farmers' future in it.  Crop Reports  Indiana is the farm belt and part of the heart of America you can check out all they grow here:  Farmers Markets

Anyone who has driven a tractor for hours appreciates good rows and quickly judges those that aren't (mine).  The drive to the little town was wonderful with beautiful barns and a bright sun.

I enjoyed looking at it from the car, I am not so sure a long walk would have been fun, given the clothing I brought for a weekend trip up north for a wedding.  The day went on and the wedding started around 5 pm.  It was definitely dark by then up there.  With long roads and no street lights, dark surely means dark.  Best know where to go and don't be to much of a dumb tourist on the long country roads.  The long roads with no cell service and no gas, etc is how people get into trouble up north.

The wedding of course was centered around a beautiful bride and her handsome Army husband.  They will relocate somewhere in Georgia in several months.  Will be interesting to see how the transition to y'all country goes.  I am sure the yes sir and no ma'am will come in handy.  Lucky for us, she will be closer to us and we may get to see her once in a while!

On the way back, I helped to gather the parents and get things organized.  Movement is harder.  The pace is slower.  Minds are less flexible.  Feet seem to like being planted in a firm place with hand rails easily reached.  Bath tub handles are an issue.  Wheelchairs are something to consider, especially on long concourses. Patience seems to be on short supply.   The folks were troopers and went to see their first grandchild marriage.  I sort of hope the rest of them decide to elope to Florida!  It is so much more temperate and welcoming!

Of course there is an undercurrent here.  The knowing when to quit going on long trips that cost a lot in time, money, and effort.  Knowing that the visit is much more difficult for some than others.  Knowing that some are much more comfortable with the trip than others.  There comes a time where you ask yourself if this is fun or contributing to your happiness or the happiness of others.  I can truly say that I felt less of it this trip.  I love my family and want them to be happy.  I want my parents to get to go where ever their little hearts desire.  And so I have to say that if I embark on another trip with them in tow, I want it to be to a comfortable place, that makes them happy, where we all feel welcome and warm.