Sunday, August 21, 2011

Follow up to the Camera Story

So, I tried in vain to find my camera and instead found someone else's.  The camera I found was from the Indianapolis airport, thanks to the woman who tried to return the camera to the rightful owner.  It wasn't mine, but fate instead gave me an opportunity to reach out to the horse community and ask for help finding the owner. The surprise is that I found some new folks willing to help, some folks who just told me I was mis-directed and some folks who said I needed to give it up.

All of them lauded my effort to return the camera.  So, to whomever has my camera, enjoy.  The 16gig sd cards will carry you forward for a long while.  The camera is wonderful with a lumix lense.  I am sure that the trainers, Wolfgang, Eugene and Richard will love having a new audience.  The movies that I did not  download that are one the SD's  are my bad and your good fortune.  My daughter is an awesome rider and the videos shall not be reproduced.  Love that they are all in Florida.

I am happy to have a camera, but I have to say that I am sad it is not mine.  It feels like it is not mine.  And the new photos that it has taken of my three kids on the sofa wrestling like ten year olds, are nice but not the same.  It's just not really mine yet.  But I am glad to have a camera.  Glad to have reasons to take pictures, and glad to have a horse world to reach out to when I need advice.

Take care my friends.

Update, found a new website on my facebook page.

How about that!