Friday, July 8, 2011

Rising to the Occasion of Finding the Horses?

So, last blog, I told you about the graduation and the whirlwind trip to Indiana after my son graduated, rushing to watch my niece graduate.  Somewhere between graduations ( I think), I lost my camera.  Now its not a fancy camera, just a Panasonic Lumix TZ4.  Here is an ebay link to one so you can see what it looks like.

The horse photo is just to get your attention. Keep reading the blog for more information.

I have had it for a long time and it had several SD cards with photos of my daughter riding, horses, family gatherings, videos, etc.  Most of it, probably not so valuable to anyone but me.

I called everywhere.  When I called the civic center,  I got a recording and left messages.  No return calls from them.  I called Tallahassee Airport, thinking that perhaps I left it in the screening area and some kind soul turned it in. I have to say that getting someone to help you look for something requires a lot of skill.  Most of those folks have other things to do and did not sound too terribly interested in my plight.  They told me they turn everything over to the Tallahassee Police Department.  More on that later.  Finally, I spoke to one very nice officer who said, yes he does have a Panasonic camera in a black case.  I drive all the way to the airport, stand in security, watch the line of travelers proceed to the pat and chat area.  Soon,  the ever helpful TSA comes to show me the camera.  He lifted it out of the bag and then I saw that it was not mine.  Drat!

While I was there, I stopped to see the lonely Delta Airline baggage claim lady, who genuinely looked happy to see me.
think the Maytag repairman of Delta Airlines.  Surrounded by nondescript black bags (don't those people know the ribbon trick?), she jumped to the file cabinet to search through her 18 inch wide lost and found drawer.  Books, combs, brushes, make up bags, wires that go to whatever, no camera.  On with the search.

Next, I called Tallahassee Police Department and asked speak to the officer in charge of the PROPERTY ROOM.
The PROPERTY ROOM is clearly identified on the TPD website as the place to call.  I have never seen this place, but it must be like a morgue of lost things because the officer sounded as if her first career was in a funeral parlor. Her voice was a little echoy and she said with no hint of emotion whatsoever, there isn't a camera like that here.  And that ended it, there was no more to say. She made that clear. Click and another dead end (no pun intended).

Next is the Enterprise rental car company who refers me to the Airport Security of Indianapolis airport to check.  I get through to the lost and found in the Indianapolis airport and talk to a woman who is as sweet and concerned as the day is long.  She assures me that when she has a relief person on the switchboard, she will go look for my camera.  When I call her back hours later, she says in the softedt, but most professional manner, "Yes, we have Panasonic camera that was turned in on June 4, 2011 AND has horses on it."  The case was gone, but it sounds so close to the description. I asked her to open the little doors and describe the SD Card, but she didn't want to risk damage.  But hallelujah, I have a camera!  It had to be!

I had it shipped second day, laying out the $20 with confidence.  It came in a flat envelope, remarkably undamaged.  I opened it and carefully unwrapped the Indianapolis map that it was folded into, and of course, it isn't mine.  But now is the question. Perhaps an ethical one, perhaps one of fate.

No one claimed this camera.  No one called the Indy airport.  I paid for the shipping.  And I have the camera.  And should I keep it? Maybe, but not without trying to find the owners.

Now here is the CLINCHER!  They ate at a BJ's restaurant and had a party and the restaurants are here in Florida!  Some one in the horse community of Florida can help fine the owners.  This little camera must have flown to Florida and returned to Indy, while mine was flying to Indy maybe.

So, all of you out there, I need your help to identify the horses and the scenery.  Maybe if I can figure this out, fate will send me my camera back!  I want to be careful.  I want to be thourough, but mostly, I don't want those folks to have the same feeling as me.  So pass this to all your horse friends and lets get this back to the owners! Thank you to other sites like

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