Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rising to the Occasion in Stirrups

When I was young, I used to ride my horse like the wind with just a halter, me and her pounding through the orange groves in our Florida area.  The year was 19 seventy something and life was much simpler and wants much fewer.

As I aged, I lost my boldness in riding and transferred my bravery to my daughter, who rides like the wind and pounds hooves on the ground in Gainesville.  Watching her fills me with memories and envy.  I know I should be back on a horse now, but there is always a reason not to: time, money, patience, fear.

Today I saw this article and talk about rising to the occasion.  This woman is facing the fight of a lifetime and still riding dressage on huge competitive horses.  And then to read this line,"Right after the operation, I had to rest. I also use crutches because I’m an amputee, and the doctor told me I couldn’t use them because it put strain on the area. So I had to stay home for a couple of weeks."

Double brave woman filled with determination.  Makes me feel like I should quit making excuses and find the time, find the money, face the fear, earn the patience.  There is no guarantee for a "later" for any of us.  I should rise to the occasion my self.

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